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Selling Online Courses

Selling Online Courses

Take your online training business to the next level with Absorb LMS. The Absorb LMS user experience is unmatched for creators and learners alike. Courses created on Absorb LMS are also easy to manage and consume. Your customers will love training in an environment they understand how to use at first sight. With support for blended learning, instructor-led courses, webinars, multimedia, achievement badges, leaderboards and more, your content will stand out and keep customers coming back.


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Our subject matter can vary by region and healthcare provider specialties. With Absorb, it's really easy for us to create a learning product that we can make available to different audiences at the appropriate price.

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

Grow Your Online Training Business

Watch your profits grow with Absorb LMS, an online course platform designed to handle it all. Absorb LMS simplifies the complexity of managing customer ecosystems with their own branding, promotions, costs and more. Ecommerce support right within the platform makes transactions easy, and the reliability of a cloud-based system means you don't have to think about uptime. Whether you're selling online courses to corporations or to individual consumers, Absorb LMS includes all of the tools you need to drive revenue and fuel your company's success.


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Why choose Absorb LMS to sell your training?

Get seamless online purchasing
Get seamless online purchasing
Reduce friction in the buying process and get access to over 70 different payment gateways so you can select the service that works best for your eCommerce strategy.
Manage course bundles
Manage course bundles
Create, organize and sell online course bundles with Absorb LMS. You can send coupon codes to promising leads to encourage them to make a purchase or provide bulk discounts for organizations with many users. Selling training courses is easier when you can deliver great value to your consumer.
Get selling faster
Get selling faster
Get selling faster: Start selling online training courses quickly with a fully integrated eCommerce shopping cart included standard with Absorb LMS. You'll be selling training courses and building customer relationships in no time.

Selling Online Courses Can be Easier and More Profitable

Deliver more your online training customers with award-winning Absorb LMS, the best online course platform available today. Customers across more than 120 verticals love using Absorb LMS for their eLearning needs because it features everything they're looking for and more. Straightforward user interfaces mean you can focus on your content and not on showing users how to learn in your platform. Absorb LMS with Absorb Create LI makes it easy to design custom courses, provide engaging content and control your brand. Every Absorb LMS purchase includes eCommerce capabilities out of the box so you can start monetizing your content quickly. Absorb LMS is responsive on all devices to reduce barriers to learning and expand your potential audience. Whether you're selling online training courses to position your brand as a thought leader in your industry or a subscription model is your primary source of income, Absorb LMS is the best solution to sell courses online.


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selling online courses

Why should I start selling online courses with Absorb LMS?

The eLearning industry is booming, creating opportunities to sell online courses as your primary business or as an extra revenue stream:

increase annual sales
The global eLearning market is expected to reach $375 billion in annual total sales by 2026.

Source: Sell Courses Online
eLearning industry triple in size
The eLearning industry is expected to triple in size between 2020 and 2025.

Source: SkillScouter
positive ROI online learning
According to a survey of college students, 94% of learners feel that online learning has had or will have a positive ROI.

Source: Best Colleges
online learning forms
77% of American companies used some form of online learning to train their employees in 2017, the most recent year for which data is available.

Source: eLearning Industry
mobile learning
67% of organizations offer mobile learning opportunities.

Source: eLearning Industry
government elearning purchase
The U.S. Government purchases more than $2 billion worth of eLearning products every year.

Source: eLearning Industry


Whether you want to sell training courses to school students, organizations investing in employee development or government entities, there is no better time to choose Absorb LMS than right now.

What makes Absorb LMS the best online course platform?

Absorb LMS is an industry leader because it's built on an unwavering commitment to quality with a penchant for innovation. Developed using an agile technology stack, Absorb LMS scales for online training businesses of any size, and updates come monthly to keep a competitive edge for Absorb LMS users. Add ons like Absorb LMS with Absorb Engage bring gamification to your customers, promoting competition, fun and repeat business. Absorb Learn is a mobile app that provides access to your content on Android and iOS devices so that you can train customers wherever and whenever they prefer. Integrations with Zoom, Salesforce, LinkedInLearning, BizLibrary and more are ready out-of-the-box. In short, Absorb LMS has the tools you need to sell online courses successfully.

Absorb LMS has plenty of success stories with clients who sell courses online. For example, Global eTraining is a leading provider of on demand corporate training solutions for architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) and manufacturing firms around the world. They began with an education focused LMS but quickly discovered that it failed to meet the needs of their corporate customers.

Global eTraining switched to Absorb LMS and created a network of departments and subdepartments for its customers, each of which operated as a standalone learning environment. Global eTraining's channel partners were able to offer customized learning experiences to their customers after the switch to Absorb LMS. Better yet, advanced tracking and reporting functionality streamlined the process of determining which courses were most successful. Today, Global eTraining has sold more than one million courses to learners in 154 different countries. Absorb LMS continues to drive the organization's success with its multi-language support and GDPR compliance, ensuring that Global eTraining can sell training courses throughout the European Union and around the world.

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FAQs about Selling Your Training on Absorb LMS

Sell your online courses with Absorb LMS

Choose the best learning management system for selling training courses. Absorb LMS combines flexibility, scalability, eCommerce features and intuitive design to drive your goals. Generate more revenue with the best LMS for selling online courses.


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