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Increase Revenue Through Sales Training with Absorb LMS

Increase Revenue Through Sales Training with Absorb LMS

Today's economy is filled with highly educated buyers, diverse markets and more choices than ever. Stand out from the rest by equipping your sales team with a flexible sales training program that inspires them to outperform at every turn. Absorb LMS—the number-one LMS for sales training—powers an easily-accessible and engaging training program that enables your salespeople and channel partners to close deals and make revenues soar. 


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Absorb enables us to share information with our staff at any time, on any device, so they're always up to date in an industry that's constantly changing.

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What is Sales Enablement Training?

Sales enablement programs provide salespeople with the strategic tools, training, content and knowledge they need to drive sales for an organization. More than your typical sales training, sales enablement programs powered by Absorb LMS supercharge the sales process from beginning to end, track insightful analytics and identify growth opportunities for your sales team. Empower your salespeople to close bigger and better deals in one convenient online hub.

Benefits of Sales Training Solutions

Improve training adoption
Improve training adoption
Measure the positive impact sales training has on the bottom line, then share those results with your team to boost engagement.
Sales training on the go
Sales training on the go
Empower your salespeople to learn anywhere and at any time with the Absorb Learn mobile app.
Salesforce Connector
Salesforce Connector
Seamlessly integrate your training materials with the Absorb LMS App for Salesforce, making it easier than ever to learn on the job.

Drive Success with Sales Team Training

Unleash your sales team's potential, exceed your objectives and outshine the competition with the world's leading online sales training software. Whether your company is big or small, growing or global, Absorb LMS offers a solution to reach your team and inspire them to succeed.

With a commitment to providing forward-thinking organizations with exceptional eLearning, convenient mobile learning, intuitive design and seamless integrations, Absorb LMS provides unlimited opportunities to meet your sales team's needs.


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How can great sales training take my business to the next level?

Comprehensive sales training can transform average performers into rock stars. Check out these statistics::

Every dollar invested in sales training returns $29 in revenue.

Source: Spotio
65% of employees say the quality of learning opportunities available to them positively influences their engagement at work.

Source: Spotio
High performing sales organizations are twice as likely to provide ongoing sales training as low performing ones.

Source: Spotio
Great sales training increases an individual's performance by an average of 20%.

Source: Salesforce

Why is Absorb LMS the best sales enablement software?

Absorb LMS offers a robust, reliable and intuitive sales training LMS that's trusted by businesses and industries of all sizes.

  • Provide your sales teams with fast access to what they need to find customers, close deals and exceed quarterly objectives.

  • Enjoy powerful AI features that connects learners to relevant content in the blink of an eye and gamification elements to build friendly competition.
  • Elevate sales training with award-winning features like advanced reporting and analytics, beautiful design and an easy-to-use interface.

  • Meet security and accessibility requirements with a system that is WCAG 2.0, GDPR and SOC 2 compliant, ensuring everyone learns safely.
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FAQs about Sales Training Solutions

Get started with an award-winning sales training LMS today

Your salespeople deserve training that's fast, engaging, consistent and available everywhere. Try a demo today and see why Absorb LMS is the best sales training LMS out there.


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