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Drive Partner Training Success with Absorb

Drive Partner Training Success with Absorb

When partners are a vital part of your company's success, the last thing you want to do is leave them behind. Absorb LMS, the industry-leading partner training LMS, empowers everyone to get ahead with training that's fast, easy, consistent and always within reach. Whether you work with vendors, franchisees, consultants, resellers, contractors or distributors, Absorb LMS powers training programs that inspire partners to boost your company's reach and deliver fast results.



Prior to Absorb, we had no scalable way of onboarding partners. The ability to scale and onboard these partners is a tremendous value for our business.


Channel Partner Onboarding

Outstanding enablement programs ensure your channel partners—vendors, consultants, resellers, you name it—have the knowledge, motivation and confidence to sell your offerings. Absorb LMS fuels channel partner training that enables everyone to succeed. Seamlessly introduce new partners to your products with a leading onboarding program that stands out from the rest. Keep distributors on top of your latest products with automated notifications. Customize courses from top to bottom to align with your brand. Whatever your partner training program goals are, Absorb LMS delivers.

Why use Absorb LMS for partner training?

Engage channel partners
Engage channel partners
Streamline channel partner training programs to help your network truly understand your company's voice, brand and culture, ensuring consumers receive consistent brand messaging.
Track learning activity
Track learning activity
Assess training progress with customized reporting tools, helping you discover growth and learning opportunities for your channel partners.
Provide targeted content
Provide targeted content
Elevate your channel partner training with personalized learning paths, ensuring partners can quickly find and learn what's relevant to them.

Let Your Channel Partner Training Program Set You Apart

Does your company rely on powerful channel partners to reach or exceed your sales goals? Make their jobs easier—and boost product knowledge and confidence—with Absorb LMS, the award-winning partner training software trusted by over 1,400 customers and 23 million users worldwide.

Absorb LMS prepares your partners for the driver's seat with a system that's intuitive, engaging, interactive and accessible from any device. You can createpersonalized learning paths to fully tailor the training program experience. Then sit back, watch their progress and course correct when needed. When your partners succeed, your company succeeds.

Why should I invest in my partner training program?

A strong channel partner training program can be a competitive advantage—it reduces costs, protects your brand and increases revenue for your business. Here are some other ways channel partners make difference to your growth potential:

If a new partner doesn't start to market and sell your offering within the first 90 days of recruitment, they probably never will.

Source: Forrester
63% of companies say channel partners contributed to their annual revenue.

Source: PleinAire Strategies
73% of partners say vendor channel programs are too complex, signaling an opportunity to simplify training.

Source: GetLift
75% of channel partners rank training content from manufacturers or vendors as "important."

Source: GetLift

Why is Absorb LMS the best choice for channel partner enablement?

Your partners deserve an intuitive learning platform that's easy, convenient and engaging. Absorb LMS provides industry-leading training software that's packed with features learners will enjoy using on their own, or as part of a blended training program.

The Absorb LMS mobile app, Absorb Learn, empowers your partners to learn everywhere. Available on Android and iOS devices, the app ensures learners can access training at any time—even offline. Save time—and exceed your company's sales goals—with the best partner training LMS on the market.

Absorb LMS helps boost sales for companies around the globe with its award-winning channel partner training software. In fact, a home technology SME switched to Absorb LMS to take their partner training program to the next level and improve their ROI. Switching to Absorb meant the company was able to customize its entire learner interface, deliver personalized content and ensure channel partners had access to up-to-date training materials. The company even created a healthy competition among its channel partners with engaging gamification elements like contest and leaderboards, and a forum to share best practices.

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FAQs about Partner Training Solutions

Give your channel partners the training they deserve

Need an industry-leading partner training LMS that's packed with intuitive features, unparalleled accessibility, data security and scalability? Discover how Absorb LMS powers fast, engaging and consistent partner training.


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