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Mike  Owens

Mike Owens

Position: Chief Executive Officer

Mike was an eLearning innovator long before it was even a learning technology category, and he brings that same passion to work every day as Absorb Founder and CEO. As a Lieutenant-Colonel and 24-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, Mike knows how much dedication and drive it takes to fuel great learning experiences. This insight has informed product design since the beginning in 2002 when Mike founded Absorb to fill a void in the LMS marketplace and provide a fresh approach to corporate training software.

Today, Mike leads the vision for Absorb—challenging the way learning happens and never settling until he's solved the tech questions of tomorrow. From SMB to the Enterprise, Mike engineers Absorb to be ahead of the leading trends in learning. This passion gained notice and earned Absorb a $59 Million growth investment from Silversmith Capital Partners in 2017.

Mike further takes pride in cultivating a unique Absorb culture: a truly collaborative work environment, full of talented thinkers who deliver fantastic products to a noteworthy client list of household names.

In his free time, Mike mentors tech entrepreneurs as a member of the A100, inspiring the next generation of digital innovators. He also enjoys spending time with his family and driving race cars—on a track—crazy fast.

Mike earned his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Calgary, in Alberta.