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Mark  Simner

Mark Simner

Position: Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer

More than just a numbers guy, Mark Simner brings deep operational and strategic skills to his dual role as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer at Absorb. Driving operational efficiency across every department, Mark ensures Absorb delivers an industry-leading customer experience at every touch point, optimizing the corporate financials as he goes.

Mark brings impressive international experience to Absorb, including four years as Financial Controller at GM Asset Management (now Promark Global Advisors), with $160 Billion in assets under management, as well as being CFO for Accertify, Inc. a subsidiary of American Express. Mark's eLearning experience began at Varsity Tutors, where as CFO the company raised over $50 Million in Series C funding to support its student learning platform.

Having spent time working in nine different countries, Mark's a true globetrotter that brings vibrancy and a love of adventure to his work at Absorb. His travel bug now finds flight watching The Amazing Race—a guilty pleasure, for sure—and yes, he's seen every episode!

Mark began his education in England, earning qualifications as an Associate Chartered Management Accountant and a Chartered Global Management Accountant. He then crossed the pond to attend New York University where he graduated with a Master of Business Administration in Finance—with distinction—and was the recipient of the Stern Scholar designation.