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Absorb LMS Leadership Team

It takes passionate leaders committed to empowering customers to lead a top LMS company. Our Absorb LMS leadership team has built an innovative company—and culture—by paying attention to the details, and going deep where it matters. Inspiring, motivating, and enabling everyone at the company to grow and deliver innovative work they can be proud of. Meet the team who leads Absorb.

Kimberly Williams

Chief Executive Officer

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Mike Owens

Chief Executive Officer

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Mark Simner

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer

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Al Kinnear

Executive Vice President, Global Sales

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Craig Smith

Executive Vice President, Operations

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Jill Adams

Senior Vice President, Marketing

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Craig Basford

Senior Vice President, Product

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Eric Foss

Vice President, Software Development

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Jennifer Kennedy

Vice President, Partner Program

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Heba Musa

Vice President, Finance

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Greg Shell

Vice President, East Coast Operations

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Beth Scafe

Director, Human Resources

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