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Posted On: March 9, 2015

The Absorb LMS Mercury Module: Content Management System or Marketing Machine?

Over the past four years or so, the number of clients using Absorb to deliver courses for sale, or to train external learners as a value add for clients has grown dramatically. As the world of online training grows, many organizations and entrepreneurs are recognizing the opportunity that the internet provides to reach the masses with training offerings spanning every imaginable industry or topic. This is still an industry in its infancy, and will no doubt evolve rapidly from its current state. One of the natural progressions will be to use the same system that delivers the purchased training to gather information from the audience and use that information to add value to the total offering or advertise additional training available. Once a customer logs in to take their course, we have their full attention, which is rare these days. Why not take advantage and shamelessly promote your additional products and offerings?

The Mercury Module is a miner of marketing gold.

Wonder what your audience thinks about a topic? Ask them in a targeted quick poll or survey. Used properly, it can allow a business to immediately capitalize on that information. Even better, all Mercury features allow you to distribute material based on any combination of their geographic location, industry, job title, or any other piece of information you may have gathered, so if it appears in front of someone, it is likely of interest to them. The Mercury Module turns the large piece of real estate on the main dashboard into a dynamic marketing mechanism capable of promoting additional courses or products you have for sale, upcoming seminars you are hosting, sharing brief, flattering messages about your company, announcing product launches, and so on. News Stories Share information beyond course material with news stories and press releases. You are proud of your product offering and services and you have so much you can tell people about them, but how? While your audience may share that interest, it is unlikely that interest is shared across the breadth of info you have to convey. The quickest way to have people ignore your press releases and news stories is to put too many in front of them. Because Mercury news stories can be targeted to the individual, again based on whatever filters you choose, you can put what is likely of interest directly in their lap and not rely on them to sort through a pile of irrelevant articles. This drastically increases the likelihood of them actually reading your message. Contests Coupons and freebies have been used to boost sales since the dawn of trade. Everyone loves getting something for nothing. Use the Contest feature to entice your audience to take an extra bundle of courses that come with a chance to win prizes or rewards. How many of us have purchased that extra giant pack of paper towels to get 10 bonus Air Miles? By increasing the level of engagement with your audience, you increase the likelihood that they will return. Each time they do, you have an opportunity to sell them something new. Want to find out more? Watch this video overview of the Absorb LMS Mercury Module: