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Pamela S. Hogle

Improve Learning Management System Courses with User Feedback

Customers love to contribute to improving products. Even better—engaging with them can deepen their loyalty. This applies to courses in your learning management system—and is true whether your learners are employees, channel partners or customers. Asking for feedback on training content is

Regardless of Training Method, Ensure Consistent Learner Experience

Today's learners like to have a choice of learning format and delivery method. Offering learning materials in text, video, microlearning and additional channels ensures that learners will engage with and retain their training. Regardless of the training method, though, your messaging must be

How Learning Management System Key Features Reduce Cognitive Load

With all the stressors of today's workplace, eLearning shouldn't be one of them. Logging on to a learning management system and picking up a new skill should be an oasis in a learner's hectic day. An attractive, intuitive platform is the key to making your LMS a pleasant place to visit. Reduce