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Posted On: May 19, 2015

Absorb LMS Customer Snapshot: Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

Learning Management Systems provide an excellent platform for organizations to monetize knowledge and information. More and more of the organizations that contact us here are looking to use Absorb LMS to as a combined eCommerce and training platform; as an extension to their core business or at the core of their business model. One such organization is Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC), based out of Toronto, Canada. A unique institution, CMCC was founded in 1945 by chiropractors for chiropractors. Its founders envisioned a Canadian institution that would offer an excellent education, be a catalyst for developing a unified profession in Canada, conduct research to further the scientific basis of chiropractic, become the home for knowledge related to chiropractic and be the face of the Canadian profession to governments, third-party payers and the general public. cmcc-ecommerce In early 2013 CMCC's Continuing Education Department sought to upgrade its operational infrastructure and improve its service levels, competitive positioning, and reach, in the post-grad Continuing Medical Education marketplace. After a diligent requirements gathering and market research process, CMCC selected Absorb LMS because it had the right blend of functionality, including learner self-serve capacity with registration and transcripts, eCommerce, automation of administrative processes and the additional marketing tools provided via the Mercury module. cmcc-dashboard
CMCC's adoption of the Absorb LMS has been a major success! The new system has elevated our Con Ed staff from administrative activities and processes, and enabled them to focus on higher value-add activities such as market research, course planning, development and customer service.", says Greg Roberts, Director, Continuing Education for CMCC.
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